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We are the sisters at the 28th chapter of alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority, Inc. at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign!

alpha Kappa Delta Phi was first founded at the University of California, Berkeley in 1990. In the Spring of 2000, it was established at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and has spread internationally with 55 chapters, over 6000 sisters and still growing! aKDPhi strives to promote sisterhood, scholarship, service, leadership and Asian-American awareness in the University and community. Here you will be able to find the latest news and updates from the lovely ladies of alpha Kappa Delta Phi at UIUC.

Why aKDPhi?

Through aKDPhi, sisters can find both personal and professional growth.

aKDPhi has an extensive alumni network that connects girls with thousands of sisters. This is a special resource! Every year, we attend regional and national conferences that allow us to meet sisters from all 55 chapters of our sorority.


aKDPhi offers a close-knit family for you to truly feel at home with. Our lifelong motto is “Timeless Friendship Through Sisterhood.” Everything we do and achieve is upheld by the meaning of this statement.



6/3: Tracy 'Jawbreaker' Kwan

6/5: Bomy 'tic-tic-TOC' Kim

6/ 9: Lianne 'O!' Zhang 

6/11: Lennifer 'Femme Fatale' Wu

6/12: Joanna 'FFORTE' Wu

6/21: Karen '(K*SSES)' Nguyen

6/23: Janie 'c..c..ccouRAGE' Almblade

6/23: Jennifer 'mashiMaro' Kim

6/28: Patricia 'sky'lark' Marsigan

6/29: Janille 'Col. Thumper' Guiang


7/14: Linda 'Phonics Nguyen

7/20: Elise 'Caboose' Yoon

7/25: Annie 'OrigaMe' Lam

7/6: Joy 'MIGHTY mouse' Sasitronaree

7/13: Christy 'Wally' Wong

7/22: Sunny 'j'deX' Lee

7/24: Madeline 'sTar_bursT' Rantung

7/17: Katie 'e'mei' Li


8/30: Jennifer 'Princess Keehee' Chi

8/28: Duyen 'Pinky' Duong

8/30: Raquel 'SeE-sAw' Lim

8/4: Tina 'Cinnabun?' Chang

8/2: Jennifer 'Blitz' Quach

8/14: Yan 'JibJab' Liao

8/18: Jessica 'psyduck' Luo

8/22: Mindy 'Rococo' Nguyen

8/27: Vivian 'jigglypÜff Cao

8/28: Michelle 'jamboWEE!' Cheng

8/13: Amy 'bazOOka' Ou

8/21: Cindy 'Panela' Qi

8/1: Diana 'jay-Z' Zhu

8/31: Michelle 'juicy jay' Cheung

8/19: Claudia 'waddles.' Park

8/7: Chloe 'god.iva' Maghinang

8/28: Erika 'butterc:P!' Cheng

8/16: Mia 'katana' Okamoto


The Upsilon Chapter is proud to introduce to you our newest class:

Alpha Lambda LUMIN.ARIES

#183 Maral “je vÄis” Batdelger 

#184 Andreen “kopi_KO” Isidoro

#185 Ziyi “jadeiłe” Kwok

#186 Heidi “jumpstart!” Lee

#187 Anne “Jupiter” Tang

We're so excited to have these five wonderful ladies in our sisterhood, and look forward to all they will achieve!

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Rush is starting in August! Check back with us at the start of Fall semester to get the full schedule!


To all of our graduating seniors, thank you so much for your contributions to our chapter, we will miss every single one of you!

Congratulations to the Class of 2021:

#125 Natalie “peZ” Fine
#127 Janet “rOsé” Jue
#128 Priscilla “!” Nguyen
#129 Claudia “waddles.” Park
#130 Tasha “HERshey’z” Wang
#134 Felicia “tru-ffle” Jia⁣
#137 Jasmine “aurora” Yeung
#143 Arianna “st!letto” Mendoza
#145 Emily-Nicole “j’adore” Pease
#148 Ruth “ice” Ada
#166 Erika “butterc:P!” Cheng

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