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Parachute Media

This year, our sister Emily - Nicole Pease, joined a passionate team of women to start Parachute Media. Parachute aims to create a community for "Gen Z women and nonbinary folks of color". With their website, instagram, and online community called the Parachute Club, they provide a plethora of advice, humor, and empowerment. 

You get a little bit of everything with Parachute, as they feature a wide range of topics from mental health to pop culture. No matter what the subject matter though, there is a consistent and refreshing tone of inclusion and exploration.

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Sweet Collections

It's been a challenging year for sure, but Katelyn Patthana's self-run bakery has been one of the few sweet spots! Katelyn specializes in cheesecakes in delicious flavors like strawberry and oreo. 

As one of our accomplished publicity chairs, Katelyn has applied her highly marketable design and advertising skills to quickly bring Sweet Collections to success.

Her shop is currently available for local delivery and pickup in the Champaign-Urbana area, and you can purchase and support the shop on it's instagram linked below!

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Our alum Kelly Tang combines fashion with safety in her shop: Shop KKOU. They sell 100% cotton face masks in adorable prints and colors that vary from season to season. Shop KKOU ships around the country, and also sells matching scrunchies to go with their masks. The masks themselves are soft, and fitted with comfy ear loops that won't pull or pinch. 

Kelly's shop is based on Instagram and Etsy (on Etsy they recently launched a new product: airpod cases!). See the links to support her below!

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